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Boys and Girls Club Job Faire


On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017, Thunderbird Robotics attended the Boys and Girls Club Job Faire in Chico, California. At our booth were 5 team members, including President Jacob De Necochea, Vice President Joshua Bronson, Business Director Emma De Necochea, Josiah Bronson, and Braedin Gregoire. We supplied team brochures, sponsorship forms, and promotional buttons to visitors. Our team members talked to visitors, explaining who we are as a team, the extent of our organization, and how they might be able to help. The main purpose of attending the faire was to gain more community recognition of our team and to make more connections to other organizations and businesses in the community. At the event, we met several representatives of various divisions of the Boys and Girls Club, as well as outreach and event management leaders from other groups including Alliance For Workplace Development, Inc, YouthBuild Chico, and ROP. We discussed possible partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club, they were especially interested in our annual summer FLL camp and asked for potential mentorships and/or hosting of similar events with them.


Two team members, including the Business Director, went booth to booth and talked with the leaders of the other organizations at the faire. They gathered lots of information about amazing programs that are happening in the community. We told them a little about what we do, and all of the groups seemed interested in our team. We had a lot of fun at the faire, and it was interesting to hear what other groups were doing. Overall, the event turned out to be a success and we plan to attend this event and similar events in the future to continue to promote our team and STEM principles in the Butte County community.